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Some Q and A with Turf Show Times

Turf Show Times. - a great St. Louis Rams blog - and I engaged in a little Q and A earlier concerning Sunday's game against the Rams. He's posted my answers to some of his readers' questions while I'm going to let you know what he thinks.

To catch what I thought, head over to Turf Show Times.

Now check out his thoughts on the game at hand:

Q. Honestly, how disappointed are fans at this point that the uber-talented Rams -- especially that offense -- have been limped to an 0-4 record?

A. There's as much confusion about the situation as there is anger. To a certain extent the injures are just an unlucky part of the game, but I don't think anyone's letting that excuse a 10 points per game performance.

Q. What do the Rams need to do to win this game?

A. Sacrifice a chicken, bite the head off a rabid dog... I don't even know anymore. I think being flexible and responding well to the flow and feel of the game. I think the play calling/coaching shifts might put a little more roll into things. The running game in the middle should be better with Incognito and McCollum at the guard positions, which will give them a little more balance to the offense.

Q. I know Bulger hasn't played well and he has a pair of broken ribs, but Gus Frerotte is, well, Gus Frerotte. What are your thoughts on the decision to start Frerotte this weekend and do you think Linehan was pressured from his superiors to do it?

A. No, I think they just finally realized after watching the film from the last two games that he's not right. We all had the advantage of seeing it live.

Q. The Cardinals are a bit sketchy at most positions, but talent abounds. As a Rams fan, what scares you most about this offense going into the weekend?

A. Covering the talent the Cardinals have at receiver will be the worst part, but with Fahkir Brown back this week, the secondary gets a little boost.

Q. How do you see the game playing out?

A. Still interesting through the first quarter, frustrating in the second, hopeless by the third, and absurd by fourth.

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