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Arizona wins, not surprisingly

The Cardinals went into St. Louis favored and not surprisingly, walked away victors. But the game was bittersweet in the sense that Matt Leinart broke his collarbone and will be missed for the next few weeks, perhaps even the season.

While it does temporarily eliminate the "quarterback controversy" trying to be conjured, it brings up an interesting question. What do the Cardinals do when Leinart heals? Does he return to the starting role immediately, work himself back into the game, or sit the rest of the season while Warner commands the field?

I think it breaks down to this: if Arizona is in the position to make a strong run at the playoffs, you leave Warner in. If the season is lost, hand the reigns back to Leinart and give him some experience.

But under no circumstances should the team start Leinart while in position to make the playoffs. Even if he plays great, it's a slap in the face to Warner. And Kurt is no stranger to these situations. Remember a few years ago when the Giants drafted Eli Manning? Warner started the season and put the team in position to make the postseason with a 5-4 record. In response, he was -- stupidly -- benched for a quarterback who wasn't ready. The result was 6 consecutive losses and a 6-10 record to close the season.

Hopefully Whisenhunt learns from history and doesn't repeat it.