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Arizona Offense Lights Up Cincinnati in Victory

Back to .500, baby!

At least that's one of the great things about today's victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. It means the Cardinals are cutting Seattle's division lead and making sure the Seahawks have no room for error.

Not surprisingly, the game today was a shootout of sorts. Not exactly week two's 51-45 barn-burner between Cincinnati and Cleveland, but a shootout nonetheless.

Actually, it was a surprisingly close shootout given the turnover differences between these two teams. Whereas Cincinnati turned the ball over five times in the 35-27 loss, including 4 Carson Palmer interceptions, Arizona managed to keep the total to a crisp, clean zero. Nada. None. Zilch.

Talk about winning the turnover battle. History continues to prove the adage that the team that wins the turnover battle typically wins the game. Even when that team is outgained by nearly 150 yards (396-247) and the opponent actually wins the time of possession battle.

You think that turnovers are significant?

Of course, it certainly helps that two of the interceptions were returned for touchdowns by Antrel Rolle, without a doubt the team's player of game (he had 3 interceptions in all). In fact, Rolle's third interception also went for a 77 yard touchdown, but it was nullified by a penalty.

Imagine those kind of numbers: three interceptions, three touchdowns. The first two picks went for 55 and 54 yards, respectively.

Interestingly, if Antrel Rolle played for the Bengals, he would have led the team in yards (117 on three "receptions") and touchdowns (2).

Not all was great on the day, however. It remains that Cincinnati gained 396 yards of total offense and was driving before the final interception essentially ended the game.

And once again Edgerrin James failed to eclipse 100 yards, or even come close for that matter. He didn't get much mileage out of his 22 carries, picking up only 52 yards and a one score on the day. His "longest" run only added 7 yards to his total, and his yard per carry average was a paltry 2.4.

But there were definitely bright spots on offense, too. Kurt Warner again posted solid numbers, throwing a pair of touchdowns in the game. And, as noted before, the team didn't commit a turnover.

In all, it was an interesting game, one that Antrel Rolle won't soon forget. Or Carson Palmer, for that matter.