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Media Reactions to Sunday's Meltdown

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Some other reactions to Sunday's sad performance:

SF Gate:

Thunderous roars from the visitors' locker room penetrated the cinderblock wall of the stadium's innards. It sounded like a pack of wild dogs celebrating a successful hunt. And that's just what it was.

East Valley Tribune:

In a memorable meltdown, the Cardinals bungled a number of plays down the stretch, capped by a fumble in the end zone that was recovered for the game-deciding score, and fell to the lowly San Francisco 49ers, 37-31, in overtime.

The Arizona Republic:

Given their litany of blunders, miscalculations and lapses of both mind and body throughout the afternoon, it was probably fitting the Cardinals game Sunday ended with a sack, a fumble and the ball rolling away from them in their own end zone.

East Valley Tribune

Give the Cardinals this:
When they lose, they lose spectacularly.

It’s the one thing they’ve always done better than any team in the league.

AZ Central Blogs

Here we are, back at a really ugly place. And now the Cardinals must face a 7-4 Cleveland team just a week removed from this sad effort. It's hard not to think of what cornerback Eric Green said last week about last year's struggling team: "It's tough to come to work. You don't really want to be there. It almost forces people to be selfish. It's like, 'All right, we're going to lose, so I might as well do my own thing, get my own stats.' "