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Rackers Job is Safe...

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... for now, that is.

The Cardinals kicker's job performance has come under fire by the fans and media alike recently, after he missed a 32-yard game-winner Sunday against the 49ers. He's 13/20 on the season, with one blocked, and his miss Sunday was the second that directly cost the team a victory.

But Whisenhunt has made things clear things aren't going to change, yet.

"We're not going to play that game of musical kickers or worry about that," coach Ken Whisenhunt said Monday morning at the team's Tempe headquarters. "I have confidence that Neil is going to make the kick, and we're going to work in practice just like he made that kick."

Rackers isn't a bad kicker, and it is difficult to find suitable replacements during the season, but replacing him after the season would make sense. He also cost the Cardinals a win last season against a thoroughly dominated Chicago Bears team, the game that caused Denny Green to lose his cool in the post-game press conference.

Hopefully Rackers is more accurate in upcoming games; there's nothing worse than a kicker with blown confidence.