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Week 13 Picks: Straight Up and Against the Spread

Week 13 kicks off tonight with a crucial NFC matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys, a game that has huge postseason implications.

Arizona, meanwhile, has an ice cube's chance in hell of making the postseason (maybe it'll freeze over), and they take on the hot Cleveland Browns this weekend.

Also, check out fellow blogger Big Blue View's picks against the spread and compare them.

With that in mind, let's get to the picks:

Last Week's Record

Straight Up: 10-6
Against the Spread: 10-6

The Games

Green Bay at Dallas (-6.5)

In the best matchup this week, Green Bay will travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys in a game that may determine the team that walks away with a first round bye and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. And it's on NFL Network. Lucky I get it, so I'll be watching as Brett Favre and Co. continue to live the dream. Pick: Green Bay wins and covers the spread.

Atlanta (+4.5) at St. Louis

The Rams are 2-1 the past three weeks while the Atlanta Falcons still don't have the makings of a team ready to take on any real competition. And while the Rams are anything but a sure bet, even they should be able to take down the Falcons. Pick: St. Louis wins and covers the spread.

Buffalo (+5.5) at Washington

Washington has been in a free fall as of late, but Buffalo hasn't been much better since they were thoroughly dominated by the Patriots several weeks ago. Pick: Washington wins and covers the spread.

Detroit (+3.5) at Minnesota

Word is that Adrian Peterson will have a limited role in this game that will feature Minnesota's defense and Detroit's offense. I'll take Mike Martz, but it's anybody's guess how these two teams will play, given their inconsistencies. Pick: Detroit wins and covers the spread.

Houston (+3.5) at Tennessee

Tennessee still has a real shot at the postseason, though it is slipping away. On that note, they can't afford to lose this division game against the Texans. Pick: Tennessee wins and covers the spread.

Jacksonville (+6.5) at Indianapolis

This is certainly one of the more intriguing matchups of the weekend, perhaps the most intriguing. If the Colts can win this game, they'll essentially lock up the division and gain some much needed breathing room. But if the Jaguars can pull off a win, watch out. That said, Indy at home is just too good to overcome. Pick: Indianapolis wins, but Jacksonville covers the spread.

NY Jets (+1) at Miami

Anyone going to be tuning into this game? Unless you're a diehard, you're better off watching just about any other game than catching this game. Its only tagline is "is this the week Miami gets a win?" Pick: NY Jets win and covers the spread.

San Diego at Kansas City (+4.5)

Kansas City is coming off a loss to the Oakland Raiders while San Diego continues to work toward locking up the division. Even at home the Chiefs are no match for the Chargers if LT can get going. Pick: San Diego wins and covers the spread.

Seattle (+2.5) at Philadelphia

Philadelphia may have nearly beaten the NFL's best team last weekend when they gave the Patriots their only scare this season, but the Seahawks are too good to blow this one. Pick: Seattle wins and covers the spread.

San Francisco (+2.5) at Carolina

Again, this is one of those games no one but the most diehard fans will want to catch. Carolina at home gets the edge. Pick: Carolina wins and covers the spread.

Tampa Bay (+3) at New Orleans

Tampa Bay is feeling pretty good at this point in the season, and with a quarterback that won't lose a game and a defense that's been dominant, they might be too much for the Saints to handle. Pick: Tampa Bay wins and covers the spread.

Cleveland (+1) at Arizona

Honestly, I'm a little surprised the Cardinals are still the favorites. Cleveland has a hot offense while the Cardinals have done little this season to suggest they can keep up without screwing up. More analysis later this week. Pick: Cleveland wins and covers the spread.

Denver at Oakland (+3.5)

Denver might be having a disappointing season, but they're still better than the Oakland Raiders. Enough so to win and cover the spread. Pick: Denver wins and covers the spread.

NY Giants at Chicago (+1.5)

Chicago needs a win to stay alive and the Giants did little last weekend to make fans confident in them. In fact, many are bracing for a collapse. Pick: Chicago wins and covers the spread.

Cincinnati (+7) at Pittsburgh

The Steelers have had several weeks this season when they've looked absolutely brilliant and several when you just scratched your head (like Monday's mud fest). Expect one of those brilliant games when they face Cincinnati. Pick: Pittsburgh wins but Cincinnati covers the spread.

New England at Baltimore (+20.5)

How many weeks will New England be favored by 20+ points? Last weekend we learned that a motivated team can keep up with them, no matter the dispersement of talent on either side of the ball. Baltimore, unfortunately, lacks both inspired play and talent. Pick: New England wins, but Baltimore covers the spread.

Feel free to make your own picks in the comments or sign up for an account and start a diary!