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Gameday Open Thread: Cardinals vs. Buccaneers

Sorry this is so late, but here's where you can talk about the game between the 3-4 Cardinals and the 4-4 Buccaneers, or note anything else that comes to mind as you watch the games today. This thread is for the fans, so start commentating!

Who I think will win: Tampa Bay by a bit.

Tampa Bay brings a lot to the table, especially with the continued emergence of Jeff Garcia. An experienced quarterback who excels as a leader, Garcia is a big reason the Buccaneers have been as successful as they have been this season.

Fortunately, the Cardinals have a healthy Kurt Warner starting this weekend. Like Garcia, Warner boasts experience and leadership, two traits which have become rare in the NFL these days, an era where the youngest generation of quarterbacks (Leinart included) is being favored over these classic guns.

This game might be a battle between these two. Both have enough talent surrounding them to make the game a great one to watch, though the national media consensus is that the 1:00 (ET) games are only the appetizers in relation to 4:15's main course: New England @ Indianapolis.