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Whisenhunt to Fans: Don't Overreact

Ken Whisenhunt knows what we're thinking. After Sunday's listless performance against Tampa Bay, a game the team couldn't even manage 200 yards of offense, he's addressing fans the best way he knows.

"You can't overreact to it from the standpoint that we're doing it the wrong way or we need to change the whole perspective," he said. "We need to continue what we're doing, we just have to be better at it."

I can deal with that. It's the principles that guide Tony Dungy and his coaching/life, so why not apply it to Arizona's football team? No doubt the Cardinals are talented enough to make a run at the division, but it's going to take more smart play to make that a reality. It's not that the team's schemes are wrong and it's only the players' first season with the system, so not too much should be expected at this point.

"As bad as it seems," left guard Reggie Wells said, "we're still in position for our No. 1 goal, and that's winning the division."

Amazingly, he's right. The Cardinals are still 2nd in the division, only a game behind the Seahawks who also lost this weekend. Incidentally, all four teams in the division are on loss streaks, the 49ers and Rams worst, losing 6 and 8 consecutive games, respectively. Arizona has lost 3 in a row.

"If we play like we played yesterday, being a game out of first place doesn't matter," Whisenhunt said. "If we can clean up some things and play a little better, than we have a chance, especially with five of our eight games at home."