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Congratulations to Edgerrin James

Edgerrin James became the 16th player in NFL history to accumulate 11000 yards on the ground. Ironically, he did it in the worst game of the season, the third worst of his career.

"No lanes," James said. "There were no lanes. Once you get behind, you really are not going to run the ball. We never had a chance to get into run mode. We were playing from behind and never got into a groove."

It's disappointing it came in a loss, but it's still an amazing accomplishment for James. And at age 29, James has several good years left in him.

He needs only 348 more yards this season to pass John Riggins and move into the 13th spot. Assuming he plays 4 more years averaging only 1000 yards per season, he could move up to the number three spot, ahead of Barry Sanders, Curtis Martin, and Jerome Bettis.

James is 7350 yards behind all-time leader Emmitt Smith.


Will James break the all-time rushing record?

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    No, but he'll finish 2nd or 3rd
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  • 27%
    No, but he'll still have a HOF career
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