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Cleveland (7-4) at Arizona (5-6) - The Instant Expert

Here's everything you need to know about Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns:

What time is kickoff? 4:15 ET
What's the weather forecast? Sunny, 63 degrees, and light wind (4 mph)
Who's the favorite? Arizona by 1

The Numbers Game

Arizona Cardinals

Points Scored: 23.1 Per Game (10th)
Passing Yards: 246.2 Per Game (10th)
Rushing Yards: 87.6 Per Game (26th)
Total Yards: 338.8 Per Game (14th)

Points Allowed: 23.5 Per Game (24th)
Passing Yards: 216.6 Per Game (19th)
Rushing Yards: 101.1 Per Game (15th)
Total Yards: 317.7 Per Game (12th)

What to take from the above: Arizona has been inconsistent all season long, and as a result the team has struck a balance of mediocrity.

Cleveland Browns

Points Scored: 28.6 Per Game (3rd)
Passing Yards: 243.4 Per Game (9th)
Rushing Yards: 107.8 Per Game (11th)
Total Yards: 351.2 Per Game (16th)

Points Allowed: 28.3 Per Game (32nd)
Passing Yards: 266.5 Per Game (32nd)
Rushing Yards: 131.4 Per Game (30th)
Total Yards: 397.9 Per Game (28th)

What to take from the above: Cleveland has won its way with offense, and offense alone. The team's defense, while the worst in the league, has had something of a burden lifted because of the success of Derek Anderson and Co. Without a doubt, Cleveland's mighty O is the biggest surprise of the season.

What's the Story: Arizona desperately needs a win to stay in the hunt, though it seems highly unlikely the team will make the postseason at this point, while the Cleveland Browns offense hopes to keep lighting up the scoreboard en route to the playoffs.

What's the Prediction: The Cardinals have been up and down all season long, playing with tenacity in most games but not always with smarts. Cleveland's offense, on the other hand, has risen to the occasion week in and out. Kurt Warner will need a game reminiscent of his "Greatest Show on Turf" years Sunday, a feat unlikely at this point.

Cleveland wins, 30-24