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Seattle Drops the Hammer on Arizona

As a fan, it's a tough loss to swallow, even if it wasn't totally unexpected. It was the loss that sent a powererful signal the postseason race is reaching its conclusion for the Cardinals, as the division is now officially out of reach and Kurt Warner's play reminds us why he started the season as Matt Leinart's backup.

Maybe next season, right? The unofficial slogan of Arizona fans -- it should probably be on one of those banners in the shiny new stadium, right before the tunnel that leads to the locker room.

But I digress, this game was painful to watch. Because, seriously, what else can a 42-21 slaughter be considered? What else can you feel when Kurt Warner throws five interceptions, including three to Lofa Tatupu? Can a Cardinals fan not feel heartbreak when, after a crucial onside kick recovery late in the third quarter, Warner steps on the field and immediately throws an interception to essentially end any hopes for a comeback?

Seriously, painful.

The Cardinals outgained Seattle. They controlled the ball for the majority of the game by a minute and some change. Unfortunately, not forcing one turnover and giving the Seahawks 8 free points on an interception returned 84 yards for a touchdown and a safety, well, it's just not likely any team can overcome that.

When the team loses, it's a statement loss. I'll give the Arizona Cardinals, circa 2007, that much. While they've strayed a little from the formula of seasons past, they've maintained that one philosophy: if you're gonna lose, make things as excruciating as possible for the fans.