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Fitzgerald and Boldin Still Ailing

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After the torture of watching a hapless Cardinals offense perform with clear inadequacies at wide receiver, it's going to be that much harder to get through this week as both players are still questionable. Fitzgerald, for example, is being described as running "gingerly" at practice while Boldin was spotted "hobbling" through another week of prep.

Fitzgerald, of course, played this Sunday, but he didn't look 100%. The good news is that Ken Whisenhunt admits that Fitz is doing much much better this week compared to last, so there's little doubt he'll play in Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints, a critical game as the Cardinals must essentially win out to have a shot at the postseason.

Unfortunately, things aren't looking so great for Boldin. After missing the Seattle game, Boldin missed time from practice this week, allowing the injury to "calm down." Hopefully Boldin is healthy enough to contribute Sunday, though I don't think there's any way he'll be close to 100%. Probably more like 80-85%.

In the meantime, we'll just have to accept Bryant Johnson's play. Not that it's a bad thing. He's on his way to a career season, with 39 catches so far -- 10 short of his best -- and with no certainties with the top two receivers in the offense, it's not hard to imagine him pulling in 12-15 catches in the final three weeks.

Said Kurt Warner of Johnson's play this season:

"I have no idea where we'd be without him."