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The mainstream media has some opinions on Sunday's game, too. Here's what they thought of the Cardinals loss to New Orleans this weekend: - Brian Allee-Walsh

Quarterback Kurt Warner said there is a simple explanation why the Arizona Cardinals likely will miss the playoffs for a ninth consecutive season.

"The bottom line is to be a playoff team, you've got to win some tough games on the road, and we haven't been able to do that," Warner said after the Saints remained in playoff contention with a 31-24 victory Sunday against the Cardinals at the Superdome. "That's the thing we're missing this year."

AZ Central - Kent Somers and Dan Bickley

The Cardinals can be explosive at times, but things often blow up in their face. They make it tough on themselves with penalties and mental errors.

AZ Central - Kent Somers

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt came to Arizona with the reputation for doing the unconventional, and he didn't disappoint on Sunday.

The Cardinals tried three trick plays against the Saints, but only one worked.

East Valley Tribune - Scott Bordow

Most notably, their football IQ reads like a blood-alcohol level. Whisenhunt constantly has preached a sermon of smart, disciplined football, yet Arizona led the league in penalties heading into Sunday’s game and had 10 more for 78 yards against the Saints.

Included in those 10 penalties were back-to-back offside calls on a Saints’ extra-point attempt.

When’s the last time you saw that?

East Valley Tribune - Mike Tulumello

Two straight hot quarterbacks vs. a depleted secondary. Two straight predictable results.

For the second week in a row, the Cardinals appeared outmanned in dropping a game to an NFC foe with a high-powered passing attack.

And now they’ll have lots of time to figure out what’s missing.

AZ Central - Kent Somers

Rooting for the Cardinals must be a little like navigating the streets of the French Quarter. You cruise along admiring the architecture and entertainment only to hit roadblocks that exist for no apparent reason.

AZ Central - Dan Bickley

Former coach Dennis Green once called Warner the best story in the history of sports. If not true, it's pretty close. It would be a shame if this story lacked a happy ending.