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Fitz Elected to Pro Bowl

There was some good news and bad news this week. First the good: Larry Fitzgerald has been selected by the fans to appear at the Pro Bowl.

Despite some injury setbacks, Fitz has put up some solid numbers this season while playing through the pain on at least two occasions. In fact, he's second in the NFC in receptions with 83 this season. He also finished first on the team with 1166 yards, a 14.0 ypc average, and 8 touchdowns.

But the news was a bit bittersweet because, as it turns out to no the surprise of no one in particular, the Cardinals have sent no one else to the Pro Bowl this season. After the up and down, rollercoaster season Arizona took its fans on, it's little surprise no one else was selected.

Of course, it's also partly because you'd be hard pressed to find a casual Pro Bowl-ballot-stuffing fan who can name more than five players on the roster (and one of them is Matt Leinart).

Put it all together and you get the makings of a team with few productive stars. Not that Cardinals fans aren't used to seeing few of their favorite players playing meaningless football in Hawaii each year. Since 2000, only seven different Cardinals have been selected and the most that have gone in a single season was two in both 2005 and 2006. Not surprisingly, wide receiver is the team's most recognized position: David Boston, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald have gone a combined five times with the latter two each going twice.

Cardinals in the Pro Bowl this decade

  1. P Scott Player
  1. WR David Boston
  1. None
  1. WR Anquan Boldin
  1. DE Bertrand Berry
  1. WR Larry Fitzgerald, K Neil Rackers
  1. WR Anquan Boldin, S Adrian Wilson
  1. WR Larry Fitzgerald