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Fitzgerald's Contract May Keep Him in Arizona

Despite some of the rumors Larry Fitzgerald will be targeted by opponents this offseason, at least one thing is working in the favor of both the Arizona Cardinals and the team's fans: Fitz's contract. Though he has two seasons left on his contract, it's a type of escalating contract in which he earns more the final two years of the deal. In fact, he's set to earn $15 million next season.

That should be enough to keep most teams from knocking on the door of GM Rod Graves' office to steal Fitz away from Arizona. Very few teams can afford a contract like he demands, not to mention the Cardinals certainly would want a premium for Fitzgerald, given his time with the team has been fruitful. He's a key reason the Cardinals offense has been as good as it has through the air, and because the team oftentimes is playing catch-up, the passing game is crucial.

Matt Leinart can use all the help he can get from his receivers next season. Let's hope Fitzgerald is one of them.

Leading Candidate to Trade for Fitzgerald: Minnesota Vikings

Why: Imagine the Minnesota Vikings offense with a talented receiver like Fitzgerald. The team could avoid running Adrian Peterson to a premature retirement by developing a passing game to keep defenses honest. Plus, the Vikings expect to have about $33 million of cap space when the offseason kicks off.