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Arizona Edges Atlanta in OT, 30-27

It came down to overtime against the Atlanta Falcons? Wow.

But even if you think that's amazing or at least surprising, get this: the Cardinals didn't commit one turnover. Not one. And Kurt Warner threw 53 passes. This is a guy who was averaging one per 24 attempts going into the game. Double wow, right? But how's this: only four penalties for the desert birds. (Read this to see why that's so freakin' amazing.) Boom!

So how is it that when the offense plays arguably its smartest game of the season, the team only comes away with a three point overtime victory over one of the worst teams in the NFL? Maybe Bobby Petrino just wasn't a good coach and his early exit (aka quitting) was healthy for the franchise.

Or maybe it was the defense's allowing two Falcons to finish with more than 100 receiving yards. Maybe it was forcing only one turnover during the course of the game. Maybe it was allowing more than 400 yards of offense, despite the Falcons leading rusher having only 37 yards (and he got that on one run).

Ah, heck, why not soak up the victory? The Cardinals played extremely well offensively, didn't blow this game, and we're now only one game away from a .500 season. Anquan Boldin had a career game with 13 receptions for 162 yards and 2 touchdowns. Kurt Warner came away with a 105.9 quarterback rating and snapped a four game interception streak (he's thrown 9 over that span). And Neil Rackers nailed not one but two clutch field goals to win and tie the game!

Yes, it's a good day to be a fan of the Cardinals.

Game Ball: Yes, Anquan Boldin and Kurt Warner both had amazing games, but I gotta give the ball to Rackers. Hey, the man came through when the pressure was applied. Let's ride this kind of confidence and moxie into next season!

What Now? First, leave your thoughts on the game in the comments or start up a diary. Next, head over to the Atlanta Falcons blog The Falcoholic to get his and his readers' takes on the game and its outcome. Then check out some video highlights of the game at

Happy holidays!


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