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Cardinals @ Ravens preview, part 2

These are the facts and numbers you'll need to know going into Sunday's game against the Ravens. Trust me, you'll sound smart rattling off digits with (some) relevance to the upcoming game.

Must Know

Steve McNair is going to start for the Ravens while Jon Ogden is going to sit the bench for the second week in a row. Kyle Boller played quarterback last week against the Jets, completing 65.7% of his passes for 185 yards and 2 touchdowns. But McNair's return to health will send Boller back to the sideline this week. "Air's" numbers this season: 20/34 for 203 yards and one interception (came week one against Cincinnati), making his rating 63.7 vs. Boller's 97.9 posting against New York.

Also, Samari Rolle appears to be a game-day decision at this point.

"We'll see," Ravens coach Brian Billick said. "He's got a little bit of a bug going on."

Must Know, Continued

Edgerrin James is off to a hot start this season and he ranks 5th in the league in rushing yards this season. More importantly, his average is up to 4.4 ypc this season and he's scored twice on the ground.

But Sunday's game against Baltimore will be a real test. They've allowed an average of 62 yards per game rushing this season, 2nd fewest average in the league.

Thankfully, the Ravens haven't been especially impressive (or consistent) on offense. They rank middle of the pack in all categories and average 20 ppg this season.

How they stack up, by the numbers

When Baltimore has the ball

(Average Gained vs. Allowed) Rank in Parentheses

PPG: 20 (16) vs. 20 (20)
Total Yards: 308.5 (21) vs. 282 (8)
Pass Yards: 196 (23) vs. 190 (9th)
Rush Yards: 112.5 (15) vs. 92 (10)

Advantage: Arizona, 3-1

When Arizona has the ball

PPG: 20 (14) vs. 20 (19)
Total Yards: 346 (13) vs. 270 (4th)
Pass Yards: 199.5 (21) vs. 208 (16)
Rush Yards: 146.5 (6) vs. 62 (2)

Advantage: Baltimore, 3-1