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Fitz to Minnesota?

Rumor Mill! A report from casually dropped a rumor today of a trade between Minnesota and Arizona.

If the Vikings take a loss to the Packers at the Metrodome on Sunday into the ensuing bye week, it will be interesting whether they try to trade either cornerback Antoine Winfield or running back Chester Taylor for draft picks in the first three rounds in order to rebuild.

Acquiring wideout Larry Fitzgerald Jr. from the Cardinals could make the Vikings relevant again.

True, the Vikings are off to a cold start and a trade to acquire Fitz would put them on the map by giving them a marquee name. After all, who in Minnesota has a marquee name? Tavaris Jackson? No. Chester Taylor? No. Adrian Peterson? Not yet.

Ideally, they would want someone of Fitzgerald's caliber. Beyond giving Jackson a good target, it would put fans in seats and, as quoted, "make the Vikings relevant again."

But should Arizona consider the trade? Fitzgerald is one of the keys on offense. Limiting ourselves to Anquan Boldin is a risky move, especially considering the inconsistency of Matt Leinart and potential QB controversy brewing. Another distraction might be too much, and losing a weapon only makes the team weaker on offense.

Having two upper-tier wide receivers like Boldin and Fitzgerald is great because it forces defenses to respect the pass. Losing either would only damage the offense, though Winfield would be a nice addition to the defense. Despite the upside, I'm not sure the team would be better off with a top corner. Already Arizona is struggling; take away the offense's most dynamic player and it's only going to causse trouble.


Would you trade Fitz for Winfield?

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    Sure, the defense needs help
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    No, it will hurt the offense too much
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