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Fitz rumors continue

Since the initial rumor of a trade between Minnesota and Arizona for an exchange involving Larry Fitzgerald, others have gotten in on the act. originally posted that Fitzgerald is unhappy with Whisenhunts run-first style of offense and now the Star-Telegram is getting into the act by speculating the Cowboys should offer a day-1 pick for Fitzgerald.

First of all, I'm not exactly certain how Terrell Owens would take that news. He's not usually thrilled when he's not the center of attention on offense and adding a top receiver like Fitz to the Cowboys roster might not be a great idea. In theory it sounds good -- hey, they'd have two great receivers -- but if Fitzgerald is already annoyed because he isn't getting the ball, what will happen if he's traded to a team to be the number two receiver?

That said, it's a shame he's (rumored to be) unhappy. Fitz is a top-notch receiver and losing him would hurt the offense. In a poll Tuesday, I asked you to tell me whether Fitz should be traded for Minnesota's Winfield. The response: 40% of you said sure, the defense needs the help while the other 60% said that it would hurt the offense too much.

To that end, I think I'll open up another poll: would it be worth trading an unhappy Fitzgerald for a day one pick?