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Leinart Still the Starter

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In a bit of news that should come as no surprise to Arizona fans, Ken Whisenhunt has announced that Matt Leinart will remain the team's starting quarterback entering the offseason. Matt Leinart isn't surprised either.

"He just made it clear that I’m the quarterback, which I feel I deserve to be," Leinart said. "But I have to go out there and prove myself. I have to play well. I know that. I’m not dumb. Going into my third season, I have a lot to prove and I have to gain the respect."

Leinart, for those of you who missed the season, was injured week five after being part of a dual-quarterback system in which he started the game, almost certain to be replaced midway through by Kurt Warner who played brilliantly in his stead. Unfortunately, after Leinart's injury, Warner slipped a bit as he assumed the full time role in the offense. Over the final 11 games of the season Warner threw 23 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. He finished with 27 touchdowns (one shy of the franchise record), 17 interceptions, and a respectable quarterback rating of 89.8.