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Darnell Dockett in the Pro Bowl

Congratulations to Darnell Dockett, who will be on his way to Hawaii in a couple weeks. As Tommie Harris's alternate, Dockett will be playing in the Pro Bowl as Harris has had lingering knee problems which bothered him throughout the season. No need to bother an injury, right?


Dockett is definitely deserving of the honor after his 2007 performance. The defensive tackle managed 9 sacks and 75 tackles. Both totals are career bests for the four year vet, and, more importantly, Dockett has put the Pro Bowl into perspective.

"I told people, if I did get to the Pro Bowl, it wouldn’t be for a popularity contest, it would definitely come from what I did on the field, being consistent 16 games strong," Dockett said. "I had a great season but my teammates around me are what made it possible to have a great season. I have a lot of (good) guys around me and somebody is bound to step out and take it to another level. Adrian Wilson was the guy last year, this year I was the guy, next year it could be somebody else.

"This isn’t necessarily just about me. There are a lot of guys on our team that can play and there are guys on our team that I think could have easily got in (to the Pro Bowl) too."