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Haley Sticking Around

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After declining an interview with the Miami Dolphins for a head coaching position, Arizona offensive coordinator Todd Haley will instead continue coaching the Cardinals where he received an extension through the 2010 season which effectively makes him one of the highest paid coordinators in league history. The deal is reportedly worth between $1-1.5 million per season.

"Obviously continuity is important when you've made a little progress, and I think Todd did an outstanding job," head coach Ken Whisenhunt said.

Haley joined the team with Whisenhunt before the start of the season. The Cardinals scored 404 points on offense this season (7th in the league) after having scored only 314 the season before (19th in the league). The Cardinals also ranked 4th in passing touchdowns (and in the top 10 of most passing categories) after finishing 22nd in 2006. Also, the team increased its total number of first downs by 12% from the season before (187-210).

In short, it's great that the Cardinals locked him up with this three year deal. Unfortunately, speculation is that offensive line coach Russ Grimm is now a popular candidate around the NFL. Also having been in Arizona only one season, Grimm's presence has been felt to a certain extent. And having a Pittsburgh background is never a bad thing when it comes to an offensive line coach.