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Arizona Cardinals Fly Around the NFC West

With four weeks in the books, the Arizona Cardinals still sit atop the NFC West with a record of 2-2. They're the only team that's scored more points than they've allowed, albeit not by much (3) but the tougher part of the schedule is yet to come. The Seahawks are the only team that hasn't played four games since their bye week was last week.

San Francisco:

The Niners went to the Superdome this past weekend and got rocked by the Saints 31-17 in a game that somewhat mirrored the Cardinals' loss. JT O'Sullivan had problems with ball control (2 picks and a fumble) and the Niners allowed the Saints to have a big 2nd quarter (21 points). Sound familiar? The Niners haven't generated much pass rush this season and fans are starting to wonder if Patrick Willis isn't the answer. Why not, he can do everything else? Their opponents haven't had many problems putting pressure on JT O'Sullivan though considering that he's currently on pace to tie the NFL record for sacks in a season (76).


The Seahawks are coming off their bye week and face a huge test this week as they have to travel to the Meadowlands to take on the Giants. The Hawks, much like our very own Cardinals, haven't fared very well in cross-country games, but they did catch a break considering that Plaxico Burress will be suspended for the game. They will have their hands full though with the rest of the Giants offense that ranks 4th in the league thanks in large part to Brandon Jacobs and the running game.

St. Louis:

The Rams have more story lines that we've got time to cover but to get the ball rolling, they're 0-4, have been outscored more than 100 points on the season, fired thier coach and flip-flopped thier starting quarterbacks. The Rams are no doubt in the depths of despair right now but they've still got the weapons to put points on anyone and the new coach, Jim Haslett, would like to bring back a cornerback who was recently cut to help out the defense.