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Projecting the Arizona Cardinals Season Stats

Since we're at the quarter pole of the NFL season, what better time to project the Arizona Cardinals stats over the course of a full season? Obviously some of the offensive numbers are inflated after Sunday's second half shootout, but there's no way to work around an entire game and who's the say we won't be involved in several shoot outs this season. You can check these against our community projections and see if we're on track or already looking pretty bad.

Check out all the stats, after the jump.....


Att Comp Yards TD INT Sacks
Kurt Warner 564 376 4,888 32 16 48

Believe it or not Warner is on pace to set new career highs in attempts, completions and passing yards. Sunday's game inflated his stats, especially considering that we've only got four games worth of stats but it's still pretty amazing considering that most of us are thinking that they need to open up the offense and throw more often.

Att Yards TD
Edgerrin James 284 1,108 8
Tim Hightower 116 292 12

Edge and Hightower haven't had as much success as we thought in the preseason, especially considering that they're averaging 3.5 yards per carry combined. They are doing a better job of scoring on the ground (just 7 rushing TDs in 2007), but they'll have to get better moving the chains with the ground game.

Recs Yards TD
Anquan Boldin 108 1,464 20
Larry Fitzgerald 96 1,660 8
Steve Breaston 52 776 -
Tim Hightower 32 336 0
Edgerrin James 32 208 0
Ben Patrick 24 240 0
Jerheme Urban 20 200 4
Leonard Pope 8 80 0

Whew, Q and Fitz are on a blistering pace through four games and if their final season numbers look anything like that, the debate over the best recieving duo will be resolved. Breaston's game against the Jets inflated his stats but through four games he's on pace to put up better numbers than Bryant Johnson ever did, in terms of receptions and yards. One area of the passing that's been quite disapointing are the tight ends, but it's possible that I was expecting too much from the combo of Patrick and Pope. It's also possible that other teams haven't been able to contain Q and Fitz so Warner hasn't had much of a reason to check down to a tight end.

As far as the defense is concerned, I won't paste in the tackle projections for each member but it's worth noting that Karlos Dansby and Gerald Hayes have been very good this season considering that they're both on pace for over 100 tackles (116 & 112 respectively. There's a huge dropoff after those two though with Aaron Francisco in third with 68 projected tackles. As for sacks, Bertrand Berry is on pace to lead the team with 12, but his injury will drop his projection and should allow Chike Okeafor and Travis LaBoy (both on pace for 8) to pass him.


Thoughts? Any of these numbers surprising? Who should be doing better and who do you expect to fall off of this pace?