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Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals: Injury Update

Player Pos Injury Wed Thurs
Anquan Boldin WR Head DNP DNP
Ben Patrick TE Knee DNP DNP
Bertrand Berry DE Groin Limited Limited
Clark Haggans OLB Groin Limited Limited
Roderick Hood CB Groin Limited Limited
Adrian Wilson SS Hamstring Limited Limited
Jerame Tuman TE Hamstring Limited Limited
Eric Green CB Groin Limited Limited
Leonard Pope TE Ankle Full Full

The Cardinals injuries are piling up and I'm sure there are some guys who are looking forward to a weekend off to let all the bumps and bruises heal. It's obviously not good to see all three of your tight ends and both starting corners on the injury list. As for the tight ends, I would imagine that Patrick will have to practice tomorrow if he wants to play and it'll be interesting to see if they let Tuman play considering today and yesterday were his first two practices since training camp. Eric Green's injury is much less of a concern than Roderick Hood's right now. Hood's groin was reportably "very sore" earlier in the week and he's crucial to the success of the secondary. Bertrand Berry really wants to play in this game but he'll have to get medical clearance before he's allowed back. Torn groins don't normally heal in just two weeks but we'll find out soon enough. I haven't seen any definitive news on Boldin's status, but I'll update if I get some more news. 

Player Pos Injury Wed Thurs
Roy Williams S Forearm DNP Limited
Kyle Kosier G Foot DNP DNP
Terence Newman CB Abdomen DNP DNP
Patrick Watkins S Neck Limited Limited
Tank Johnson DT Ankle Limited Limited
Deon Anderson FB Knee Full Full
Stephen Bowen DE Hamstring Full Full
Andre Gurode C Ankle Full Full
Jason Witten TE Shoulder Full Full

From what I've heard, Roy Wiliams, Kyle Kosier and Terence Newman are officially out. The team is hopeful that Watkins can play because he didn't play last week and that forced Keith Davis, a good special teams player but poor safety, into the starting job. All the other guys on that list will play.

Update: Anquan Boldin has been ruled out and Ben Patrick is doubtful. Even one else is questionable but should play. For the Cowboys, Patrick Watkins has been ruled out which means that Keith Davis will be the starter. The Cardinals will test him deep.