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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

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Well when  you're 4-2, leading your division and you've got back to back wins over two teams that were a combined 9-1 it starts to strike up some national attention. There are countless Arizona Cardinals stories out there right now from just about every media outlet. Here's a few that caught my eye:

  • Tim Hightower is making a name for himself and he should start to see an increased role in the offense, but he's also pretty well suited for the role that he's currently playing. He's got the most short-yardage carries in the NFL and he's been perfect (literally 100%) converting them into first downs. Not bad for a 5th round rookie. 
  • Kurt Warner has picked up right where he left off in 2007 and is off to a great start this year with over 1,700 yards and a QB rating over 100 through six games. He's been so impressive that his name is getting thrown into the MVP-talk. Not bad for a guy who was supposed to be over-the-hill.
  • Oh and if you're wondering why the so many people are talking Arizona Cardinals this week, it's partly because 23.6 MILLION viewers watched the Cards beat up on the Cowboys. If you're trying to wrap your head around that, just consider that it was the highest rated NFL game this season to date and it was FOX's most viewed program since the season finale of American Idol in May. That also means that the Cards/Cows game beat the season premiere of CSI. Not bad for our little Red Birds.
  • At 4-2 the Cardinals look like a team that's finally reading to turn the corner and become the team that so many so-called-experts have predicted for several seasons. With six consecutive home wins, the longest streak since 1975-1976, the next hurdle is finding a way to win on the road
  • No one likes to see Anquan Boldin on the sidelines in street clothes but his absence has opened the door for two guys. Steve Breaston and J.J. Arrington have enjoyed breakout games the past two weeks and a once dangerous offense should be even more explosive once Q returns. 
  • While just about everyone who knows what a football is knows that the Cardinals have a great offense, it's the Cardinals' defense that opening some eyes and have some ready to crown this team as a postseason contender. We all know that Denny Green wouldn't go that far but we've come along way since then, haven't we?