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How Much Have the Arizona Cardinals Raised Your Expectations?

It's not often that the Arizona Cardinals exceed our expectations but through six games, that's what they've done. I think most rational (I'm not in that group, but still) fans thought that this was an 8-8 or, best case scenerio, 9-7 team and that they'd have an outside shot at sneeking into the playoffs. A 4-2 record and a two game lead (really a 2.5 game lead) has a way of raising the bar though, especially considering the state of the NFC West. When you consider that the Cardinals still have five games against division foes (who are a combined 4-12) and home games against the Giants and Vikings, there is certainly an opportunity to make some waves. There doesn't appear to be a dominant team in the entire league and the Cards have already beaten two of the better teams. So have the Cardinals raised your expecations for this season? Why?