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Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals: By The Numbers


Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 27.2 319.5 (16th) 217.5 (12th) 102.0 (20th)
Def 15.8 280.5 (7th) 168.5 (6th) 112.0 (17th)

Offense: In a somewhat surprising revelation, the Bills are being led by the passing game and second year QB, Trent Edwards. The Bills' passing game was ranked 30th in the league last year (164.6 yds per game) but Trent Edwards is not the same quarterback this season. His completion percentage (56.1 to 65.5), yards per attempt (6.8 to 7.8) and QB rating (70.4 to 93.5) have all sky-rocketed this year. Edwards may not be a upper tier quarterback yet but he does have the skills and the weapons to cause some problems for an opposing secondary. The running game is a bit of an question mark right now but that could have more to do with opposing teams' focus on Marshawn Lynch. His yards per carry is down from last year but he's scoring more touchdowns and is catching more passes.

Defense: The Bills defense overall has improved from 31st in the league in 2007 to a very respectable 7th in the league this season. The biggest improvement has been against the pass where the Bills have jumped up from 238.4 yards per games (29th in 2007) to 168.5 (6th). The Bills have had the advantage of playing 'offensively challenged' teams (SEA, JAC, OAK, STL) of which three out of the four are 20th or worse in terms of offensive yards per game.


Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 26.5 377.8 (5th) 290.8 (4th) 87.0 (25th-T)
Def 25.8 305.8 (9th) 204.5 (16th) 101.3 (14th-T)

Offense: The Cardinals offense obviously relies upon the pass and last weeks stats inflated the numbers but eventually we'll have to be able to do more than throw the ball. They'll have to improve upon 87.0 yards per game to be able to compete in the NFC West though.

Defense: The Cardinals took a big hit in terms of points scored last week but overall, they are a better unit than 2007. The run defense should continue to improve as Gabe Watson works back into the mix. The pass defense took a big shot in week  four but they're not as bad as the Favre's 6 TDs would suggest.