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Arizona Cardinals News: Anquan Boldin Injury Update

The Arizona Cardinals got some good news yesterday when Anquan Boldin returned to practice for the first time since the Jets game. The practice was a light non-contact session but he was running with the first team and didn't have any discomfort with his helmet or running. Boldin is hoping to get medical clearance to play this Sunday and he could take a big step in that quest today when he goes to see the doctor that performed his surgery. We found out this week that in order to fix the fractures on both sides of his face he had eight plates installed and a wire on his bottom jaw to help realign it. Hopefully he'll have the bottom wire taken out sometime this week.

No one truly knows how he will respond to that first hit but if there's a guy in this this who has the physical and mental toughness to take that first big hit and get right back up, it's Anquan Boldin. If you have any doubts just consider that Boldin, who doesn't like taking medication, refused to take any pain medication after the hit or after the surgery. Thoughts? Is Q ready to get back on the field?