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Arizona Cardinals Fly Around the NFC West

The Arizona Cardinals got some good news this past weekend with two of three division foes losing and there are certainly some big story lines throughout the division. Just to recap, the Cardinals are still the only team in the division that has scored more points than they've allowed and the other three teams have combined to fire two head coaches and have combined for six different starting quarterbacks.

San Francisco: The Niners dropped the axe on Mike Nolan yesterday after reports surfaced that he'd be fired after this week's game, regardless of the outcome. They also fired offensive line coach, George Warhop. Mike Singletary has been named the new head coach, albeit on an interim basis, which is somewhat surprising considering that he's got zero experience as a head coach or even a coordinator at any level. Still though, Singletary was rising coaching candidate and he was going to get his shot sooner or later. Oh yea and the Niners lost this weekend after JT O'Sullivan met his turnover quota again (2 picks and a fumble). The Niners were within a score until the fourth quarter.

Seattle: The Hawks lost another game but at least they had a different QB to blame this week. Seneca Wallace threw for just 73 yards and had two turnovers but the real problem for Seahawks fans has been the lackluster performance by the defense, namely the pass defense. The Hawks are a depressing 1-5 but not all fans are ready to waive the white flag, in fact some are still holding out hope.

St. Louis: Just two weeks ago, we were ready to leave the Rams for dead and had them penciled in for the #1 overall pick. Fast forward to today though and they're riding a two game winning streak over two playoff teams. The Rams thoroughly embarrassed the Cowboys on Sunday and they're not talking draft picks anymore. Steven Jackson was the big hero on Sunday with 176 total yards and three touchdowns.