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Fun With Arizona Cardinals Stats and Rankings

Since we've still got two whole days to dive into all things Carolina Panthers, I thought we could take a quick look at Arizona Cardinals' stats, via Football Outsiders. They do a great job of ranking positional players in metrics other than just raw stats. We've looked at their stuff a couple of times (if you need refresher) but here's some selected stats to brighten your day.


6th (only teams ahead are NYG, PHI, TEN, PIT, WAS)  

Kurt Warner

3rd in DYAR (yards above replacement), behind Brees and Cutler

4th in DVOA (value over average), behind the same two and Rivers

Wide Receivers

Larry Fitzgerald is 2nd in DYAR and 7th in DVOA

Anquan Boldin is 7th in DYAR and 1st in DVOA

Steve Breaston is 12th in DYAR and 11th in DVOA

Offensive Drive Stats

6th in Yards per Drive

2nd in Points per Drive

1st in TDs per Drive

1st in Punts per Drive

Playoff Odds (their most unscientific stat but it's good for the Cards)

Odds of Making Playoffs: 96.7%

Odds of Getting a Bye: 32.6%

Odds of Appearing in NFC Title Game: 30.0% (Behind only NYG, TB & WAS)

Odds of Winning the NFC Title Game: 14.9% Behind only NYG & TB)

Odds of SB Win: 7.3% (Behind the three above and TEN and PIT)


It sure looks like Football Outsiders are likely the Cardinals through six games. The offense gets all of the headlines but the defensive rankings weren't bad either. Thoughts?