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Arizona Cardinals At Carolina Panthers: Injury Report

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The injury report for the Arizona Cardinals isn't looking very good as of today. The good news is that Anquan Boldin did practice but Whiz is still taking a 'wait and see' approach to his avaliability on Sunday. Whiz said he wants to see how he handles practice on Friday but also how he handles the cross country flight to Carolina. Now for the bad news, and unfortunately there's more bad than good. Travis LaBoy didn't practice again and his status for the game is coming into question. He'll likely have to practice tomorrow to be able to go on Sunday. The status of the team's tight ends is even worse though considering that Leonard Pope is in a walking boot and Ben Patrick is still not practicing. There is still some hope that one or both will be able to practice and Whiz is still saying that at least one of them might be able to play. As of now though the only healthy tight end is Jerame Tuman who's back on the field after missing the first five weeks with an injury.

As for the Panthers injuries, the big names that still didn't practice were Jeff Otah (OT) and Ryan Kalil (C). Otah and Kahil are/were both starters who've missed the past couple of games. DJ Hackett and Thomas Davis (LB) were also limited in practice.