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Buffalo Bills At Arizona Cardinals: All Things Newsworthy

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  • There's no word on Anquan Boldin's status yet but we should get some definitive word by days end. I will say that it's not looking good. Larry Fitzgerald sounded like he didn't expect Boldin to be able to go when he said, “this is not my first time playing without Q,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s definitely a lot easier when he is out there. I am going to have to definitely play good football and guys are going to have to pick up the slack.”
  • If Boldin can't go, Early Doucet should be active for the first time this season and should be the fourth receiver. He's been biding his time on game days but he sounds ready for his first action of the season. Another receiver who will be stepping into a new role, if Q is out, will be Steve Breaston. Breaston will have to be good on Sunday not only for Kurt Warner's sake but the Bills are likely to double or even triple team Fitz until Breaston shows them that he's a legit option on passing downs.
  • As far as the injury situation goes, we covered the big three yesterday (Wilson, Berry and Boldin) as well as Leonard Pope, but another name was added to the injury list yesterday. Top Backup at almost every offensive line spot, Elton Brown hurt his shoulder during practice yesterday. He underwent an MRI yesterday and we should get an update today. He's a guy who is crucial to the depth along the offensive line. The good news is that NT Gabe Watson will make his first appearance of the season.
  • As far as the Bills injuries are concerned, Roscoe Parrish is out and Terrence McGee is doubtful. Those are two big names because Parrish is a great returner and McGee is arguably their best cover corner. If Boldin does sit this week, McGee's injury levels the playing field a bit. Two names to keep an eye on are Marcus Stroud and Aaron Schobel, both of whom are listed as questionable. If either or both of them can't play, the Cardinals offensive line should be very thankful.