QnA with the Rams

Howdy friends and fans of St. Louis' former NFL team. This is Van Ram from the Turf Show Times, SBN's St. Louis Rams blog.

Anyway, we're doing a little getting to you thing, and wanted to open up the floor to any questions you might have about the Rams.

Here's our season in a nutshell. Coming off the team's first good draft in years, Rams fans were optimistic when camp rolled around. The Steven Jackson holdout stressed out plenty of us, but we knew he'd be back in uniform before the season got rolling. While I don't think anyone entered August expecting a Super Bowl, everyone was more than a little surprised at just how bad the Rams were to start the season. Blowout after blowout, it was looking like the same flat Scott Linehan-led Rams were back, regardless of the many changes made among the coaching staff between this season and last.

Then after another embarassing loss, the fourth to be exact, Linehan got his pink slip, something that probably should have happened last January. Lo and behold, the Rams went out and won a game...upsetting the Redskins...on the road. Going back over the tape, it looks like two completely different teams. Players are motivated, the defense is firing on all cylinders and they're winning games.

So there's the elevator pitch. Hit me up with some questions.

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