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Arizona Cardinals Fly Around the NFC West

Well another week has passed in the NFL season and the Arizona Cardinals are still sitting atop the NFC West. After this past weekend, they've scored the most points and allowed the fewest in the division and they remain the only team that's scored more points than they've allowed. It's probably to early to start counting down to the post season but here's an eye on the rest of the division just in case.

San Francisco: The Niners loss to the Pats was simply frustrating. San Fran got off to a quick start but JT O'Sullivan's three picks and the Niners complete inability to convert a third down (1 for 9) ultimately doomed the them to a nine point loss to the Pats. Niners fans are happy with Isaac Bruce and Frank Gore as receiving threats but the rest of the receiving corps, including former Cardinal Bryant Johnson, have been underwhelming.

Next Three: Philly, @ Giants, Seattle

Seattle: How bad are things in Seattle after a 44-6 beat down by the Giants? I think John Morgan of Field Gulls says it best, "I don't know what else to say. I feel sick. Figuratively, literally, sick, like glass shards in my blood and fire in my stomach." The Seahawks defense is facing some serious question marks and the once promising news that Deion Branch was returning from injury has been derailed. Branch suffered a stone bruise and will miss at least a week, which is actually better news than orginally reported. Matt Hasselback also left the game with a hyperextended knee and even though he returned, it's got to be disheartening for the team and fans to see so many walking wounded.

Next Three: Packers, @ Tampa, @ Niners

St. Louis: The Rams spent their bye week talking about a new head coach and they're ready to start the season anew. They also put their tight end, Randy McMichael, on injured reserve and now turn to Joe Klopfenstein as the starting tight end. With the Skins up next on the schedule following the bye, they're hoping that Steven Jackson and the running game will be able to move the ball.

Next Three: @ Skins, Cowboys, @ Pats