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Arizona Cardinals Fly Around the NFC West

I'll forgo much of an introduction here as we all know the Arizona Cardinals have a huge lead in the West and it would be a monumental disapointment if they didn't run away with the division.

NFC West Standings

Arizona 6 3 0 263 208
St. Louis 2 7 0 128 282
Seattle 2 7 0 170 231
San Francisco 2 7 0 195 259

(updated 11.11.2008 at 3:15 AM CST)

San Francisco - Despite losing their seven game of the season, the Niners are encouraged by what they saw on Monday. Shaun Hill performed better than most expected but there are some questions about Mike Martz's dedication to the Mike Singletary regime. The Niners know where their season is headed but at least the team played inspired football against the Cardinals.

Next Three: STL, @DAL, @BUF

Seattle - First things first the Hawks lost the Dolphins, but like the Niners they looked respectful for the first time in a while. They're young players are improving and they were a failed two point conversion away from tieing the game in the fourth quarter. Seneca Wallace continued to prove he's not much of a quarterback, completeing just over 50% of his passes for 4.9 yards per attempt, but that may not matter this week. Matt Hasselbeck has returned to practice and is expected to play this week. Deion Branch is also close to returning to action and that was enough for the team to part ways with Keary Colbert, who they acquired shortly before the season started for a 5th round pick. We'll keep a close eye on the injury reports this week.

Next Three: ARI, WAS, @DAL

St. Louis - The Rams have returned to the pitful football team that Jim Haslett inherited. They played well for a couple of weeks but they went on the road to New York and laid the pervebial egg to a Jets team that was exactly on roll prior to the game. The Rams generated 200 yards of offense and turned the ball over five times en route to a 47-3 embarrassment. Rams' fans are now calling for Bulger to be benched again as well as several other changes in the starting lineup. Before the Rams can start to move forward from here though they must find out who they are.

Next Three: @SF, CHI, MIA