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Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks: Friday Injury Report

The Arizona Cardinals have finished up practice on Friday and as always there's good news and bad news on the injury front. The good news is that the tight end position is healthy and all four players will be available on Sunday (we'll see who gets to play). The bad news is that the tight ends passed the injury bug to the corner back position. Roderick Hood (ribs) and Eric Green (knee) are officially listed as questionable, although Darren Urban sounds pretty sure that Hood will be able to play. Either way though it sounds like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will get his second consecutive start (I never did ask you guys what you thought of his play. Pretty decent I thought.). If by some chance Hood isn't able to go, it'll be very interesting to see how they juggle the position with Antrel Rolle and Matt Ware both having corner back play in their past. Everyone else who was on the list is probable which is good news for Mike Gandy and Travis LaBoy, hopefully LaBoy wreaks some havoc on a immobile and possibly fragile Matt Hasselbeck.

The Seahawks have a laundry list of injuries that you can check out right here. They've got several guys who are already being ruled out (Patrick Kerney, David Hawthorne, and CJ Wallace), Red Bryant is doubtful and Leonard Weaver and Will Heller are questionable. Deion Branch took part in his first full practice of the week and he looks like a go.