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Post-game: Arizona 26 Seattle 20

Once more the Cardinals test the cardiac health of their fans.  Leading by 19 in the second half, the Seattle Seahawks storm back to make the game much closer.  The catalyst for this point surge are two turnovers, one of them coming on a double-turnover play after Dansby picked Matt Hasselbeck in the endzone.  Warner soured his fantasy points with a fumble as well.  The blood pressure soared to its acme as Dirk Johnson kicked a short, pink-slip-worthy punt just before the two-minute warning.  Alas, the collective exhalations of relief were heard throughout Red Bird households as Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had his second pick of the game and career.  After three of Jake Plummer's favourite plays (kneel-down), the victory belonged to the Arizona Cardinals, 26-20.

There's a lot to talk about for this game and cgolden will have our eloquent official recap soon enough.  Until then, I'll throw out some random thoughts.  Chime in now before you forget your points watching the 'Boys-'Skins game.

Kurt Warner:  five yards short of 400 yards passing; two turnovers; one TD; 4th straight 300+ yard game; really, is there a better choice for League MVP at this point?

Fitz & Q:  10-151 and 13-186 respectively as each had several OMG! plays.  Where the 'ell was Breaston this week?!  Figures when I start him on my fantasy team...

JJ Arrington:  Running back of the week, JJ only had 40 yards rushing but that included a couple long runs for first downs, a rushing TD and a receiving TD.  Resign him, yes?

Neil Rackers:  Four, yes four field goals.  Yeah, three should have been TDs but you have to give credit to the Seahawks' defense.  The 54-yarder before the half has to be a big boost for his and Whisenhunt's confidence.

Boneheads of the Week:  Leonard Pope...a couple of catches he could have gained two more yards if he'd just tripped and fell forward; oh yeah, False Start, #82, five yard penalty, replay the many more times Leonard Davis, er, Pope?  Dirk Johnson...two punts...make them count!  Karlos Dansby...INT in the endzone and you run it out?!  Take a knee and let the offense ice the game!

Game Ball:  Rogers-Cromartie, congratulations on your first two interceptions.  Here's a toast to you and to many more INTs to come.  Also, thank you for listening to Antrel Rolle and taking a knee after than last INT and not pulling a Dansby. 

Ghosts "Busted":  7-3 for the first time in 32 years; first road sweep of the divisional opponents in 40 years; first victory in Seattle in six years.  The Cardinals can clinch the NFC West with a victory against the Giants next week and a San Francisco loss in Dallas.  ::knocks on wood:: 

Let's do this, Cardinals!!!