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Arizona Cardinals Take a Look at the Upcoming Giants


The Arizona Cardinals won't have an easy game this week, that's obvious. The Giants are 9-1 and on a serious roll as they come into Arizona. They've beaten teams with a combined record of 24-15-1 in the past four weeks (Steelers, Cowboys, Eagles and Ravens) and two of those games were on the road. The Giants are so good, even on the road, that the Cardinals opened up as 4.5 point underdogs at home, even though they're 10-2 over the past two seasons at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The Giants come in sporting the #1 ranked scoring offense and #5 ranked scoring defense. Their ground game is the best in the league by a mile with the most yards per game (172.7) and best yards per carry (5.3). They're passing game, while not prolific is very efficient considering that only 8 teams have thrown fewer interceptions. All of that shouldn't overshadow how good the defense has been this year though. The defense ranks 2nd in total yards per game (265.8), 2nd in passing yards per game (174.8) and 8th in rushing yards per game (91.0). Only two teams have allowed fewer rushing touchdowns than the Giants and they've got more interceptions than passing TDs allowed.

So does all of that mean that the Giants are unbeatable? Certainly not. The Browns beat them and in this league any team can beat any other team on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. The Cardinals just have to ready to bring it.