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Did Edgerrin James Ask for his Release from the Arizona Cardinals?

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Disclaimer: I created a completely new section (Rumors) for stories like this so please remember that I consider this nothing more than a rumor and I don't have much faith in the source's credibility.

With all that being said, Pro Football Talk is reporting that Edgerrin James has asked the Arizona Cardinals to release him. In light of him being benched and seldomly used (3 carries in the past three weeks) he's asked the team to cut him so that he look for better fit. The Cardinals, of course, declined considering that they're one injury to either Tim Hightower or J.J. Arrington from having to rely on Edge once again.

If this is true, it's really not all that surprising. We all know that Edge is very concerned with his 'legacy' and where his stats rank among the great running backs of all time. He's currently 13th on the all-time rushing list and at the beginning of the year, we were projecting him to jump into the top ten this season. He still considers himself not only a starter but one of the better backs in the league, even if that's an unrealistic view.

What remains to be seen is how his attitude, being a veteran presence in the locker room and mentor to Hightower, effects the rest of the team. Edge still has a role on this team and it doesn't take friction to create a fire in the locker room. So do you believe it and does it surprise you? Should the Cardinals release him?

Update: Kent Somers has mentioned rumor in his latest post and is trying to confirm. He did say though that he wouldn't be surprised if it were true.