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Should the Arizona Cardinals Look into Signing DeAngelo Hall?

Reports are surfacing that the Oakland Raiders either have cut or are expecting to cut cornerback, DeAngelo Hall sometime today. For a team like the Arizona Cardinals (ranked 18th against the pass), Hall could a very intriguing mid-season pickup. He's a head case, there's no denying that, but he's also a highly talented player. Hall's on pace for nearly 100 tackles (not necessarily a good stat for a CB), 26 passes defended and 6 intereceptions and he's got 20 career interceptions. No player currently on the Cardinals team has more than Deangelo_hall_mediumone interception this season. The Cardinals would seem to have the veteran leadership that could balance out a young 'hot-head' like Hall.

The case for Hall: It's not very often that you can pick up a two time Pro-Bowler who's under the age of 25. Hall would immediately become the best corner on the depth chart and would bolster the weakest unit of the team. Hall's got track-like speed and a mentality that he's the best player on the field at all times. He'll likely come at a discount after being cut just eight games into a 7 year, $70 million dollar contract.

The case against Hall: If there was ever a pictoral definition of a head case, prima dona it would be DeAngelo Hall. The Falcons grew tired of Hall's selfish antics and bone-head plays at times and he must have been a complete cancer for the Raiders to cut him just eight months after giving him $24.5 million guaranteed.

If I had to make a decision right now, and the Cardinals would likely have to move as quickly, I'd say maybe. It would obviously depend on what his asking price was and his attitude. The Cardinals don't have a ton of cap room but we all know that 'creative contracts' can fit just about anyone under the cap. Hopefully being cut mid-season would humble him at bit and he'd accept some kind of 'make good' contract even if it was just for the remainder of the season. For the Cardinals though, I'd have to think this is awful intriguing. The secondary is the biggest question mark at this point in the season and to pick up a player with Hall's skills would seem to be worth the risk. Would you bring him in? Does anyone follow the Raiders well enough to know if this was production-related or just his attitude? How much better would the secondary be with DeAngelo Hall?