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Mid Season Report Card: Arizona Cardinals Style

With the season at the midway point, what better time to acknowledge the Arizona Cardinals who've stood up and had a great season and those that've stood out as disapointments.

Team MVP: Kurt Warner - There's really no debate here. Warner's on pace for a record setting season and leading this team with his toughness. He's been the heartbeat of the offense despite a non-existant running game for most of the season and a offensive line that leaves him vulnerable at times.

Offensive Player of the Year: Larry Fitzgerald & Anquan Boldin - I simply couldn't Fitz___q_medium
seperate the two considering that they're both on pace for monster seasons. Fitzgerald's turning into the league's best receiver as he's improved his route running and ability to run after the catch. Boldin is the rock that plays with the heart and desire that the rest of the offense feeds off.

Defensive Player of the Year: Adrian Wilson - It's as simple as this: No other player has such a dramatic impact on the defense as whole, as A-dub. He's looking more and more like the player that went to the Pro Bowl in 2006. You can't measure his contributions by looking at a boxscore but it's obvious how important he is when you watch a game.

Breakout Player of the Year: Steve Breaston - There's no competition for this spot as Breaston has gone from just eight receptions for 92 yards last year to being on pace for over 1,000 yards this season. He's a versatile threat out of the slot and he filled in admirably when Boldin went down.

Rookie of the Year: Tim Hightower - Who would have thought that a fifth round pick that none of us heard of would turn into a starter by mid season. He leads all rookies backs in touchdowns and he's got this team believing that they can move the ball on the ground for a change.

Comeback Player of the Year: J.J. Arrington - For a guy that most of us would have traded for a half eaten bag of chips in the offseason, Arrington looked great. He's finally looking like the speeding, dynamic runner that the Cardinals drafted four years ago. After being inactive for the first four games, he looks like a guy trying to get every last yard every time he touches the ball.

Disappointments after the jump......

Offensive Disapointment of the Year: The Tight End Position as a Whole - We weren't sure whether the starter at tight end this season would be during camp but I don't think anyone would have predicted what's happened for the first eight games. Neither Leonard Pope or Ben Patrick have been able to stay healthy and that's led to Jerame Tuman starting a game and the Cardinals signing a guy off the streets. To make matters worse, the guy off the streets, Stephen Spach had to play most of the game last week after just a couple of days of practice.

Defensive Disapointment of the Year: Alan Branch - Branch was supposed to challenge Gabe Watson for the starting job and some thought that he'd completely replace Watson once it was clear that he'd miss all of camp. Branch instead perceeded to play so poorly that he's been inactive most of the season and hasn't shown any signs of proving his doubters wrong.


That's what I got guys, what do you think? Who are your choices? Any other catagories you care to add?