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Arizona Cardinals Release Dirk Johnson

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It has been confirmed that the Arizona Cardinals have released punter Dirk Johnson...Mike Sando and Kent Somers have both reported. Dirk was on the verge of being released, being warned by Ken Whisenhunt after poor performances the past 3 weeks. One of his few supporters, Neil Rackers wanted him to stay, noting that his exceptional kicking was a result of Johnson's holding. Johnson is expected to be replaced by punter Ben Graham, a former NY Jet and New Orleans Saint.

Update: Graham is a not only a former Jet, but he was also the Jets punter when the Cardinals played them earlier this season. He was cut by the Jets after they beat the Cardinals because Mangini wasn't happy with the hang time on Graham's punts. Graham played in one game as a Saint, the game in London, and has actually kicked very similarly to Johnson this season. Graham's net average is slightly better (43.06 vs. 41.8) and is net average is almost identical (35.9 vs. 35.2). The real thing to watch this week and for the rest of the season is how Neil Rackers responds to another new holder. Much of his struggles kicking last year were placed on Mitch Berger and Johnson has gotten a lot of credit for helping stabilize Rackers this season. Graham is  a left footed punter but does have experience holding so it's expected that he'll assume the same roll with the Cardinals.