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Arizona Cardinals News: Injury Update and Clark Haggans to IR

If you're looking for good news on the Arizona Cardinals injury front, you can just stop reading and start drinking (I'd recommend something rather strong). We already posted the news that Boldin and Arrington could be held out of Sunday's game and that news hasn't changed. Boldin didn't practice at all and Arrington was "very limited." Both are considered game time decisions, but Travis LaBoy has already been ruled out. None of that is really a surprise after reading reports last night but the bad news is that Clark Haggans was put on injured reserve today, ending his season. We kind of expected this but there was some hope that he would be able to come back after a couple of weeks off. Haggans was Chike Okeafor's backup at OLB and also a standout on the special teams. So if you're keeping track, two of the four OLB's are out for this Sunday and the special teams coverage units will be undermanned for the remainder of the season.

Elliot Vallejo was added to the roster in place of Haggans. Vallejo had a really good preseason and earned a roster spot out of camp but was demoted to the practice squad in a previous roster shuffle. Part of me wonders if Chris Harrington would have gotten his shot if Cincinati hadn't claimed him a week ago. He certainly would have helped on special teams and at OLB. If the special teams coverage units continue to struggle or get worse, I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly Poppinga was called up the show, as we predicted a week ago. No word yet on who is being signed to the practice squad to replace Vallejo.

Here's a link to the complete injury list for both the Cardinals and Patriots.