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Arizona Cardinals + Ice + Patriots = A 40 Point Embarrassment

Fumbling, Bumbling, Stumbling.

In case you missed the Arizona Cardinals game yesterday, be thankful. Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself and move on. In case your one of the unlucky few who watched the game, you pretty much know there's no point in breaking down the game. It was terrible and for the most part it was over by the end of the firstWarner13_medium quarter, if not sooner. So how bad was it? Well here's some quick facts that will numb your brain.......

  • By the time Kurt Warner completed his first pass, the score was 14-0. Oh and the completed pass ended up losing five yards after Tim Hightower fumbled.
  • By the time the Cardinals picked up their 1st first down of the game, the score was 21-0 and it was five minutes into the second quarter.
  • By halftime, Ben Graham had punted five times for 188 yards. The Cardinals' offense would muster just 186 all game long.
  • Kurt Warner finished the game (he actually left in the 3rd Quarter) with six completions on 18 attempts (33.3%) for 30 yards (1.7 yards per attempt). I didn't do any research on this, but I'd have to think that's his worst game as a pro. 
  • The Cardinals managed just 186 yards of total offense, 78 of which came on a single play well after the game was decided. 
  • The offense had seven three-and-outs including seven of the first eight drives. The Cardinals fifth drive (3 minutes into the 2nd quarter) generated three first downs but by the time the Cardinals picked up another first down the score was 44-0 and Matt Leinart was in the game.
  • In a record of futility, Steve Breaston now holds the Cardinals' record with nine kickoff returns in a single game. 
  • I didn't say anything about the defense yet but just so they don't get left out, they stunk as well. The Patriots totaled 514 yards of offense including over 300 yards passing and over 180 yards rushing.

To be frank, the game was terrible. The Cardinals literally looked like a fish out of water. For all intents and purposes, the Patriots ran circles around the Cardinals for four quarters. Hopefully I'll be able to provide a bit more analysis later in the day but for now I still get nauseated when I think about the game. Anyone see any bright spots or was this one of the worst games you've ever seen? Who was still actually watching when Leinart hit Fitz on the bomb?

Here's some interesting video I found of the Cardinals weekend trip to the snowy North East......

Here's a couple of unidentified Cardinals talking about the weather before the trip to New England......

Here's the video of some more unidentified Cardinals' players as they arrive at the airport and encounter the hellacious snow storm (you have to fast forward to the 4 mark)......

And our last video is of some more unidentified Cardinals as they try to get accumstomed to the slick surface that they'll be playing on......