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Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt: Approval Ratings

Ken Whisenhunt is finishing up his second season as head coach of the Arizona Whiz_mediumCardinals and he'll go down as one of the most successful head coaches in Cardinals history (looking at just the first two seasons). A win would put him one game above .500 (17-15), which would be the best percentage to start a Cardinal career since Charley Winner led the 1966 & 1967 St. Louis Cardinals to a 14-12-2 record. He'll also be the first Cardinals' coach since Don Coryell (1975) to lead the Cardinals to the playoffs so quickly in his coaching tenure.

Whiz has tried to bring many of the philosphies that worked so well for him in Pittsburgh to the Cardinals and some have worked, while others remain a work in progress. He's brought a sense of competitiveness and accountability to a franchise that desperetly needed both. Wiinning on the road and establishing a running game though are stil high on his list of "to do's."

So the question I pose to all Cardinal fans is simple: Do you approve of the job that Whiz has done, both this season and his Cardinal career to date? What has he added to this franchise that they lacked before his arrival? What areas that he still have to improve upon, both in the team and in his coaching/mangement style?


With the Christmas Holiday looming, I know all of us have things other than the Cardinals to occupy our time with. Stories will still be posted for those that need some news, but for those who will not pop in until after the holiday, on behalf of Charles and myself, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays for the Politically Correct). Everyone's contributions to RotB this season has been the best gift of all...aside from that playoff game(s)!