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Dear Santa: My wish List for the Arizona Cardinals

Dear Santa,

My Arizona Cardinals have been pretty good this year, sure they've had their moments of poor play, but who hasn't had a couple slip ups. They've won their first division title since Rudolph was a pup and the last time they hosted a home playoff game, you had to visit them in Chicago, you do have the new address right? I know you've had a hard time finding them in the past, but this year they've been much better. They're quarterback, who's almost as old as you, has resurrected his career and they're passing game has been flying high (something I think you know something about). The defense still has it's bone head moments, but even they show some signs of being a good unit from time to time. But alas, I'm sure you know that I'm not writing you to brag or gloat. The Cardinals still need some presents under the tree this year. They've still got some areas that could use some Christmas magic straight from the North Pole. Here's their wish list and I'll let you decide which area needs the most help.

Running Game: Santa they can't run the ball at all. It's harder for them to pick up 4 yards per carry than it is for you to fit into a pair pants without an elastic waistband.

Pass Rush: They had a good pass rush earlier in the year but it disappeared faster than chocolate chip cookies and milk that I leave out for you every year.

Special Teams Coverage: They've in real trouble here because they've lost so many guys. It would be kind of like you have to survive a foggy Christmas Eve with Rudolph.

Psyche: Maybe it's all the years being so bad but it seems like recently this team can't handle being good. Whether it's confidence, determination or just a lack of heart, I'm not sure, but on second thought this may be out of your relm. Do you have the contact info for the Wizard of Oz?

Thank you for your time Santa and I hope to see you sliding down the chimey later tonight. The Arizona Cardinals could sure use some Christmas joy heading into Sunday's season finale. Thank you for previous years gifts like Ken Whisenhunt, bringing Neil Rackers some consistency and of course, our new stadium. Here's hoping for another Christmas miracle.....