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2008 First Season Finishes at 9-7: Arizona Cardinals End Season Positively, 34-21 against Seattle Seahawks

For only the second time in Caridinals' history since moving to Arizona, the Red Birds finish with a winning season, matching 1998's 9-7 record.  Nevermind the Cardinals finished the season 2-4.  Nevermind they're 3-7 versus the NFL that isn't in the NFC West.  Nevermind they were losing their last three games by an average of 30 points.  The Arizona Cardinals finished "strong" against the Seattle Seahawks.  The Cardinals host the Altanta Falcons next weekend in the first round of the 2008 NFL Playoffs.

It's a new season starting.  It's time to put our preconceptions about the Cardinals and the rest of the playoff teams in the back of our minds, as anything is possible once the games are in January.

Some typical "chaos reigns" thoughts after the jump...

Edgerrin James He's Our RB, If He Cannot Do It, Hightower Can't Either:  James started the season with a 100-yard rushing performance and ended the season with a 100-yard rushing performance (whopping 7.1 yards per carry!).  What the 'ell were the Cardinals doing between those games?  Who do you think will be getting the ball against the Falcons?  JJ Arrington?  Tim Hightower?  ::wonk, wonk, wonk::  <------ (Think '70's gameshow "you lose" sound effect.)  It's high time a "fresh" James shines, especially against a Falcons' defense that is soft against the run (Steven Jackson had 161 yards against them today!).

Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, Avoid Like the Plague:  First of all, Rod Hood played a pretty solid game with Seattle picking on him as much as they did.  Why is that?  Because DRC is the other starting corner!  He had one interception to finish the game and should have had another in the first half.  Aside from that, he was rarely targeted by Seneca Wallace. 

Kurt Warner's 30 Touchdowns:  Warner breaks the Cardinals' franchise record by two with his four touchdown performance.  He had 4,583 yards passing with only 14 interceptions on the season as well.  No wonder he's a Pro-Bowler. 

Larry Fitzgerald...Holy Spit!  Fitz had a helluva game with three of his five receptions for 130 yards being of the "only Larry could do that" variety.  The one-hand-left-handed catch on the sideline for a first down was certainly one, as well as the 38-yard TD in the third quarter. 

"Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over":  Enjoy your season off, Mike Holgrem.  Enjoy your off-season Terrell Owens and the Dallas Cowboys.  You too "Chuckie"; four in a row losses to finish the season?  Oi.  11-5 and failed to make the playoffs, New England?  I guess that 47-7 game was truly meaningless.  Hey Bears fan from three weeks ago...I thought your team was going to finish 10-6?  All together now:  ::wonk, wonk, wonk!::  Detroit Lions...I'm at a loss for words.  No I'm not...thank you for being a worse franchise than the Cardinals historically.  Happy 75th! 


Have something to add (Breaston maybe)?  Speak your mind now as the NFL's Second Season starts as soon as the Chargers-Broncos game is over!