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Arizona Cardinals Unfounded Rumor: Matt Leinart May Ask for Trade if Warner Resigns

Disclaimer: This is nothing more than a rumor and it's a rumor that most likely holds zero truth. With that being said, I could see it happening so I'll throw it out there.

According to Pro Football Weekly, some sources in the Cardinals organization are pretty sure that Matt Leinart would be tempted to ask for a trade if Kurt Warner is signed to a new contract this off season. That in itself isn't overly surprising, if you ask me. Leinart is a competitor and I'm sure he wouldn't welcome the idea of sitting on the bench for another season or two. The somewhat surpsing is the quote from a "team insider" that says:

"But there's no way they would trade him. The team's late-season swoon has opened some eyes, with some people thinking Kurt might be really starting to show his age."

I'm not sure if Kurt's late season should be considered a 'late season swoon' or just him struggling against quality opponents, but it's something to consider. I'm sure we'll beat the quarterback situation to death once we actually get to the off season so I'll leave it at that and go back to focusing on the Atlanta Falcons.