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The Super Bowl Upset

With the Super Bowl in the books, it's time to reflect once again on the game and now officially complete 2008 season.


To start, Super Sunday's game was the best Super Bowl I've ever watched, bar none. It combined all the dramatic elements of the perfect game, right down to a game-winning drive capped off by a touchdown. There was defense (plenty of defense) and it was an upset, which is always fun to watch.

It even begs the question, was Sunday's game the biggest upset in NFL history? Personally, I think so. It wasn't just that the Giants were 12 point underdogs -- not long ago the Rams were favored to beat the Patriots by 14 in the Super Bowl. More than that, this game was about the only perfect team in the NFL losing to another team that was coached brilliantly and played nearly flawless football. This was about the better prepared team winning.

What do you think?